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This is a webpage strictly for the Ramadhan family on Zanzibar or relations to the Ramadhan family. Since this is our webpage, post anything relevant here, or feel free to leave pics etc:) However, for access to the "fun stuff" (pics) you need to know the password :)

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January 2012: HAppy New Year! It has been a long time since I last updated the webpage, I know. Let me update you a little bit on what's going on with the family. In Denmark, both Sabrah and Samirah finished their studies for now. Samirah is a nurse, and has been working in Greenland from November 1st 2011 until December 15 2011. She worked in the Northern part of Greenland, where the sun only comes out about an hour a day. Crazy. She doesn't want to go back and work there, but may apply for work in Norway. There have been major cutbacks in the public sector the last 10 years, so it is difficult to find a job as a nurse in Denmark. Sabrah has finished her master's degree and now holds a degree in Social Science.She studied international relations and public health. It is hard finding a job as well, but she is going to Geneva with an internship in the World Health Organization, and hopes it will bring her somewhere.Time will show. She is going for three months, starting January 30 until April 28. She has never been in Geneva, so she is excited. Karim is doing well in high school, and swimming. He became "fighter of the year" on his team, and his coach said the aim is to get him to the Olympics in 2016. We were all so proud. Mom and Dad are doing fine and working. We have a new addition to the family, as Mohamed and Naima got a little baby girl, Ramla. Keep an eye on new pics, they are coming soon, of what has been going on. Also, check out myheritage.dk and sign up in order to see our family tree. Karim started this and we have added most of you all.

Quote of the month: Those Whose Journey Never Ends, Belong

Happy New Year to all of you, near and far :)


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